Dust Jacket designed for "I'm Not Your Chosen One" by Evelyn Benvie
For Rainbow Crate March's 2023 Book Box

Dust Jacket and Painted Edge designed for "Ander & Santi Were Here" by Jonny Garza Villa
For Dazzling Bookish Shop April's 2023 Book Box

Dust Jacket and Painted Edge Design for "Lose You To Find Me" by Erik J. Brown
For Dazzling Bookish Shop Limited Edition

Blender 3D
Design and Model

Witch Family is an on-going personal project about a family of witches that live in the modern world and, even if it has to be in secret, try to live out their traditions in the small town they live in. There's a big group of siblings but not all of them are as dedicated to the family craft.I explore this concept through Illustration and Concept Art / Visual Development.

Cute Kitty Maker is a personal project I developed for the popular character maker website Piccrew. It is composed by multiple different parts that can be combined to create a large number of different kitty variations. You can find it and play with it to create your own cute kitty HERE.Below are some examples of results that can be achieved by using this Piccrew!


LINES (2017)